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During our time together:

  • You will be heard, understood and supported 

  • I will listen and take any clues you are willing and ready to share

  • We will work on setting priorities and work on the nutritional and lifestyle strategies that you feel comfortable with. 

  • We will get to the root cause of your struggles, no more band-aids!

Ready to feel better?

Get the answers and results you are  looking for

        I am so glad you made a decision to take your health into your own hands.  I know firsthand how frustrating it is to struggle with a chronic condition, and not get anywhere with conventional treatment or food eliminations.  

       You have likely had  your feelings and concerns dismissed or ignored in the past. You were given no clear explanation or direction about the course of action other than a prescription for a medication. You were told "There is no cure for it", or "It is all in your head". You feel lost and overwhelmed with everything you read on the internet about your condition.  You feel stuck, frustrated, and uncomfortable in your body.

    But you know that your body can heal and thrive. You believe in your body's inner wisdom. You are ready to take your life back.  If this describes you, you have come to the right place!                                        

woman in yellow and teal top sleeping be


         As a functional and integrative nutritionist, I use a whole-body approach and carefully evaluate all body systems, including medical and family history, diet, sleep pattern, stress level, lifestyle habits,  potential toxin exposures, and genetics. A thorough evaluation gives me valuable clues about you and your health status. Assessing the whole body gives me a chance to see how multiple systems work and interact with each other within your unique environment. Body systems just like the single cells in our body cannot function in isolation. Instead of focusing on one affected organ, I examine the entire body ecology. This work lays the ground for identifying and addressing the root cause of the dysfunction. 

          Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is one of our greatest assets. In order to thrive, we need spiritual and emotional connection, safety, a sense of purpose, gratitude, and love. These important aspects of health are rarely taken into consideration even by experts in the nutrition and functional medicine field. The body, mind, and spirit need to be nourished equally to make a person truly whole and healthy. My approach encompasses nutrition, lifestyles, exercise/movement, rest and relaxation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, the highest quality nutritional supplements, and medicinal herbs. Other therapies such as sound, light, color, hypnotherapy, and aromatherapy may also be employed.

       Together we will find the approach that matches not only your physical health goals but also nourishes your emotional well-being.

Caring for the Whole Body

 Functional Nutrition

       Hippocrates' timeless words,  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" are what  most accurately describe Functional Medicine Nutrition.  

       Functional nutrition is a personalized, system-oriented approach that goes beyond the common understanding of food as a source of fuel. Functional nutrition views food as information that our bodies receive and use to sustain vital processes in the body. Besides energy production, food brings the necessary nutrients needed to rebuild and repair all cells and tissues, make neurotransmitters, excrete toxins,and  maintain healthy immune response, circulation, and reproductive function. Vitamins and minerals in foods serve as critical co-factors and co-enzymes in millions of pathways occurring every second in our bodies. Nutritional deficiencies can slow down or block these pathways making us more vulnerable to disease.

        Food can directly affect our DNA expression. Special compounds in foods can silence or promote genes and consequently affect our health for better or worse.  Bad genes are not our destiny, it is the choices we make every day with every bite of food we eat.  

       Food is a powerful source of healing.

Let's add what is missing, remove what is hurting and see your health transform!

Image by Brooke Lark
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Functional Lab Testing

         Creating a healing environment where your body can activate its repair and regeneration  takes time and patience. Sometimes there are hidden obstacles that need to be addressed.

          I never assume I know what is driving your symptoms. Just because you have similar symptoms as someone else, does not mean that it is caused by the same issue.  When more information is required, I may use functional tests that look at the potential imbalances, deficiencies, and blocks in the biochemical pathways. These tests go beyond routine blood work and give valuable information about your

  • cellular metabolism

  • availability of amino acids, fatty acids, and micronutrients

  • digestive function and microbiome status

  • level of oxidative stress and inflammation

  • methylation and detoxification pathways

  • hormones

 Based on the findings, we will make appropriate adjustments to fine-tune your care plan.

Enjoying Outdoor

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

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