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Orthodox Christian Great Lent  6-Week Meal Plan
  • Orthodox Christian Great Lent 6-Week Meal Plan



    Say goodbye to bland and boring Lenten meals and say hello to a nourishing and fulfilling Great Lent with this 6-week meal plan! 


    This comprehensive collection features over 200 nutritious recipes designed to support and enhance your Lenten journey. From hearty soups and filling salads to satisfying entrees and delicious desserts, this meal plan has everything you need to maintain a balanced and healthy diet during this sacred time. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to provide essential nutrients while honoring the holy tradition of Great Lent, making it the perfect companion for anyone looking to elevate their nutrition during this season. Whether you're observing Great Lent for religious reasons or simply seeking to incorporate more wholesome and plant-based meals into your diet, this 6-week meal plan is an invaluable resource for creating delicious and nourishing meals.


    Each week includes:

    • 6 breakfasts
    • 6-7 lunch options. Considering that many families work outside of homes, lunches during weekdays are leftovers from the dinner that can be packed up and reheated, or eaten cold or at room temperature.  
    • 2 snack options for each day, with special treats on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • 7 Dinners
    • Bonus recipes (gluten-free bread, homemade pita, energy bars and more!)
    • Grocery shopping list


    ✔️The plan is entirely plant-based with select recipes containing seafood, tofu, and tempeh. Fish dishes are offered on the Days of Annunciation and Palm Sunday.


    ✔️ If you abstain from oil, you can simply omit it, or replace it with water however it may not work in all recipes.


    ✔️The recipes are quite simple and do not require advanced cooking skills. A good blender and a pressure cooker or slow cooker will be needed.


    ✔️The entire meal plan and bonus recipes are accessible online  through the link that you will receive with the instructions.  Whether you cook for a big family or just for yourself, you will be able to adjust the number of servings a recipe provides. The meal plan can be easily printed.


    ✔️By the time Holy Week comes, you will be able to create a meal plan with your favorite recipes to fit the busy schedule of the last few remaining days of Great Lent. 


     ✔️This meal plan is based on Julian (Old) Calendar (In 2024 the Annunciation is on April 7 or the 3rd Sunday of Lent for ROCOR, Serbian). If you follow the New Calendar (Greek,  OCA, Romanian, Antiochian), the Annunciation is on  March 25 or the 2nd Monday). Simply switch these two days.


    After purchasing  you will receive a Zip file with: 

    • 6 colorful PDF e-books with instructions.
    • A list of resources 
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